A monitoring and communication tool for sustainable development policy

Linea21 is a free software that aims to provide efficient tool to drive sustainable development policies such as Agenda21, Climate and energy package, Urban planing documents, territorial observatories, environmental reporting and dashboards, Corporate social responsibility (CSR), ...

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Local authorities

  1. Drive your Sustainable Development and Climate - Energy policy at the right scale
  2. Follow and assess your local action
  3. Promote your initiative and make people involved


  1. Get involved into extra-financial reporting
  2. Drive your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach including your stakholders
  3. Drive your Environmental resource management

Citizen / civil society

  1. Get a Content Management System intuitive and easy to use !
  2. Handle your work groups and share your documents
  3. Manage and assess your projects


Linea21 aims to help companies and territory / municipal services in their Sustainable Development Policy.

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Linea21 is under GNU GPL3 license : you can install, use and diffuse it for free.

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Since ten years, many administrations have been using our software. Join them !

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