Our services

We will assist you to implement Linea21

Since few years, more and more local authorities and institutions are interested on deploying Linea21. Intermezzo, a French company run by the application designer, has been created to answer pragmatically to this demand.

Please, have a look to our partner’s webpage to know more about services or just contact it by email.

Installation and application set-up

We can install Linea21 :

  • on a share web host
  • on your own web server
  • as Saas (Software as a Service)
  • on a single computer.

We are able to study your specific needs to provide you a better tool.

We are able to set-up the pre-requisite system environment : apache/php5/gd/mysql, …

We can deploy Linea21 in two steps :

  • a test period, in which you will be able to try application features, enter your data / inputs, and so on
  • a production time, in which the app will get accessible to every way

Develop new features regarding your specific needs

Do you have any particular needs ? We can develop new features to match them.

Linea21 is natively extensible using is own general override mechanism and a flexible plugins system.

Our developers team has strong skills in programming (PHP OO, javascript, jQuery, MySQL) and web design (UI, HTML5, CSS, …)

Customize your front-end and / or the back-end

Graphic design is a crucial step on Linea21 deployment. We can either integrate into HTML a given graphical layout or offering you to work on it. It will be convert to HTML after your acceptance.

Linea21 `regular use` training

The application is designed to be intuitive for non computer scientists users. Still, we offer training to our clients on 1 full day basis. It aims to approach all modules and test them with real data.
A complete documentation (in both PDF / paper format) is given to trainees at the end of the day.

Linea21 `administration use` training

Dedicated to computer scientists, this training aims to give you the basis on the way it works : application architecture, database schema, templates mechanism, plugins system, …

Set-up assistance

Don’t want to face any issue when setting-up the application or changing options ? We can assist you to do so.

Our team is used to manipulate Linea21 and web server environment. We also prevent any problem by doing database and files backups before any interventions.

Maintenance contract and support

To make things simple and for you to feel protected from any breakdowns, you can endorse a maintenance contract. It will provide you the following guarantees :

  • a technical support
  • a users assistance
  • application updates